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About the Artist .... 

I have always been interested in any type of art, craft or handywork from a young age.  I started painting on porcelain china, scratch art and pen and ink in my early teen years and showed at several art shows before I even had a driverís license.  Then I married and "life and work" took over for the next 27 years.  I was unable to pursue any creative side until 2007 when I retired from my full time "job", picked up a paint brush and jumped in to oil painting full time.

I enjoy the structure and technical attributes necessary to bring forth a beautiful realistic painting.  My aim is not photo-realism -- but rather, my own interpretation of how to manipulate the paint to show how light can beautifully enhance a subject.  I enjoy methods using the traditional techniques of the still-life old masters through underpainting and glazing multiple layers of paint to a final glowing surface.  However, in my landscape and figurative work, I do employ a slightly more impressionistic style.

I spend a good deal of time selecting and setting up objects with lighting effects that create drama.  I enjoy painting a cherished object, such as my motherís or grandmother's antiques, or other treasures I have picked up along the way.  

My work does not have any underlying meaning or mission, I simply want my art to portray life's beauty and tranquility and I hope others will feel that when they view my paintings.

I enjoy traveling and attending workshops with other painters to further my techniques and knowledge.  I also teach oil painting in Maryville TN and enjoy passing along the knowledge I have learned from others.  If you have questions or interest in any of my paintings or classes, please contact me.

Professional Affiliations:   

Oil Painters of America (Artist Member) 
Portrait Society of America (Artist Member)
American Women Painters (Artist Member)
Women Painters of the Southeast (Artist Member)
Tennessee Artists Association (Artist Member and Board Member)
Blount County Arts and Crafts Guild  (Artist Member and Board Member)
Knoxville Arts & Culture Alliance (Artist Member)
FAB, Fine Arts Blount  (Juried artist member and Treasurer, Board of Directors,  2008-2011

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