Fine Art - Paintings In Oil

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"A Parting Glance"

"High Surf, Kona Hawaii"

"Symphony In Green"

"Copper Kettle With Lemons"

"Tapestry of Tranquility"

"Setting Skies"

"Burden Of Love"

"Solitary Watch"

"Blue & White China with Oranges"

"Dottie's Tea Pot"

"Blue Vase and Grandma's Lace"

"Tibetan Treasure"

"Cruising Cracker Creek, Daytona Florida"

"Asian Figure"

"Harvest Basket Of Oranges"

"Silver Tea Pot and Peaches"

"Birch Trees in Autumn"

"Allatoona Lake, Red Top Mtn, Georgia"

"The Tracker"

"Pottery and Pear"



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